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What customers are saying about us...


The difference is so obvious to see!


I currently have my 2nd brand new vehicle that I have ever purchased after years of buying used vehicles. My first was very nice and maintained very well but one thing that I noticed was that the Arizona sun really faded both my paint on the exterior of the vehicle and the dashboard as well as the leather seating on the inside. I came across this website from the dealership that I purchased my new car from and decided to check it out. After looking into the process a bit I decided to go ahead and have it installed on my windows and from the moment that I drove during the day I could feel a difference, not only could I tell that the sun was not as bright through the window but the car was kept cooler much easier. I have no doubt that this will help my interior in looking as new as the day that I bought it. Great product and some great results!!


My interior will thank me for this


I have had multiple cars and they all end up with the same problem by the time I am getting ready to get rid of them, A severely faded top dashboard that stands out from the rest of the interior. It is like you take a part of off a old beat up car and put it in your newer looking car. It is horrible and it drives the price down every time I want to sell. My current car will be different this time around thanks to the guys at S-Cool. The UV rays get blocked out now and it is a difference that you can tell is working. My car is not so hot after a long days work when I first jump into it and my dashboard is no longer taking a beating from the sun. This is a must have for any future cars that I own and I make sure to tell everyone is my family about these guys and their work. Thanks



                                                                                                                                                                  Tim R.


Why isn’t everyone doing this??


I was initially looking up the guys at S-Cool for my windows but then I found out that they actually do paint protection film and I was sold as soon as I heard about it. Faded paint is not a good look for your car and it will hurt you in the end when you are trying to sell it and probably force you to pay for your car to be repainted which is not very cheap. I have had this done for almost a year now and I am loving the results! Not only does it help protect against the sun but it is like a protective layer against scratches as well. I just don’t understand why this is not a mandatory thing that cars are getting from the time they are made. What a great idea!



                                                                                                                                                                  Kelly S.

Who knew my windows could help my energy bill!!


I am still shocked at what your service has done for my home energy bill! The film that is installed on the windows has cut out so much UV from the sun when it is shining bright in my home. In the first couple of months I noticed a decrease in my bill. This has been amazing for me as it has helped keep the house more cool overall. It has been more enjoyable to have a nice cool house in the summer without having to blast the AC and it is thanks to S-Cool. Thank you all very much


                                                                                                                                                                  Kimberly J.


Great for my housing development projects

I was turned on to this service by one of my buddies that has a house flipping business and it pays for itself every time we sell a house because of the added value this brings for informed customers. Once the customers are shown the benefits of having this installed on the windows they get really excited about having them. I not only use them in my homes that I build and sell but I also use this for my own home and I will never leave my windows un touched by s-cool. Great service.


                                                                                                                                                                  Joseph L.


A Great Way to Go Green

At my household we are always looking for a chance to go green and the more that I looked into this the more I was excited to have it installed at our home. This film on the windows says that it cuts out 99% of UV rays and trust me it is something that you can notice once this has been installed in your home windows. Suddenly our home feels cooler which has led to not using as much energy in our home and that helps us save some money while doing our part to save the environment! Thank you for a wonderful product.


                                                                                                                                                                  Jennifer R.

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