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Our Technology


S-Cool is committed to keeping the world staying cool & staying safe. Therefore , we put in tremendous effort into research & developement. Built-in with Antimont Tin Oxide , S-Cool window films are the most durable and highest performance available in the market. With our latest Super Xtreme 55 development , the film could reject 99% of Infrared heat , 99% of UV rays (UVA,UVB,UVC) and allows up to 60% of the light to penetrate through the glazing system. Not to mention our latest update of UV400 series which are able to cut away 100% of UV rays from penetrate through the glass. 












First Production Plant


















Located in Louisville, Kentucky USA, our plant is one of the world’s largest suppliers of polyester films, the plants manufacture different kinds of polyester for all kinds of precision coating usage. With the latest technologies available, we ensure our films are manufactured with only the best materials to ensure the highest quality and consistency. Founded in 1971, Our plant maintains an ISO 9001:2008 certification. It is widely recognized for its flexibility and assistance in new product development and product improvements. Our production facility is part of the Association of Industrial Metallizes, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL), a global nonprofit trade association representing converters of metallized, laminated and coated flexible substrates and their suppliers.


Second Production Plant 















Our second production plant is located at Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea - the largest producer of window film in the world. Korea is now a key player in the world window film industry. A lot of new window film technologies are being researched and developed to meet the market demand. We are very proud to be working with the largest supplier of window film in Korea; our relationship is cemented over years of partnership and mutual respect. The plant is ISO-9001 certified, proof of our commitment and ability to produce very high and consistent window films. Our current standing is also a reflection through our years of strong track records and customer support since our establishment in 2007.


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