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Energy Saving Window Films

Built-in with Antimont Tint Oxide , S-COOL Energy Films can be a great shield of harmful UV rays and glass insulation. Our latest technology could reject 100% of UV rays including UVA , UVB, & UVC . We also could offer a wide range of films to meet the need of the projects. Up to 80% of total solar energy reject and up to 99% of Infrared heat rejection, our product quality can meet the world class standard of high quality window film. By offering protection from harmful UV rays together with great energy saving , S-COOL will be your best invesment rather than a cost. Once installed on your glass , you will start to see your energy usage could drop substantially.  



Our Breakthrough 

S-COOL X Series is our latest innovative product. Our products can now be installed from the outside of the windows as compared conventional window films which can only be installed from the inside. In some cases , due to poor accessibility , installing window films from the inside is difficult if not impossible. Therefore , our team of engineers have come together to produce highly durable exterior window film to carter to this need. We can say in the world we are the only few companies who are able to produce this kind of high quality products . While most of the company are focusing to reduce cost to get the market share , we focus on quality so that our clients receive the best quality window films possible . Our S-COOL X Series come with 5 years limited warranty against peeling , cracking & oxidisation. 

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