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Our Brands

We have established many brands to fit with different markets across the world. Thanks to our full ranges of products backed with superior technology. We want to make sure our customers can be fulfilled with their requirements.



S-COOL is a leading Heat Protection Window Film company with its head office in Singapore. Our proprietary product is the Super-Series Ceramic ATO window film, provides very good high heat rejection at an affordable cost. This is the result of the dedication and effort put in by our R&D team, whom founded the use of this special ceramic compound for maximum heat rejection. Our founders started marketing solar control window film in 2007, under the brand S-COOL. 

S-COOL is a registered trademark of Daniel Emrick International Pte Ltd. (40201815238P)


Cooltex Window Film is selected from the best raw materials with the latest nano-ceramic technology allowing a clear view and superb heat protection. Cooltex Window Films are manufactured under stringent quality control and zero waste management procedures. This allows us to efficiently produce the best quality window films with great cost savings. We want to make window films affordable for all. Cooltex Window Films come with great varieties cartering to different needs and applications . Cooltex Window Films guarantee value for money. We are exporting to over 20 countries across the world. 

Cooltex is a registered trademark of Daniel Emrick International Pte Ltd . (40201919690S)

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PPX Paint Protection Film

PPX Paint Protection Film is developed to meet market demand for high quality product of automotive protection. We understand our customers love their cars. Yes , your love one need to be protected from scratches and maintain high gloss level of the paint. PPX Paint Protection Film is made with total petroleum hydrocarbons which is a new materials offering excellent gloss , self-healing effect and easy for installation. The film is highly cost effective as compared to similar product like thermoplastic polyurethane based. We want to make PPX is the best choice for high quality products and affordable for all. The film is widely used worldwide. The application can widely used on automotive, motorcycle, recreation vehicle, power sports, bicycle, and aircraft.

With PPX on, you drive a new car everyday. 

OEM Services

Contract manufacturing services enable customers with large pool of client base to build up their own branding. Our company has more than 15 years of experience in window film. We are sure to provide the best services to our customers.

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