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Business Opportunity


S-COOL Automotive Business

If you are already in an automotive trade such as car trading, car accessories, car maintenance, or car-related servicing, then S-COOL Automotive Business has huge potential for you.


S-COOL Architectural Business

If you are in real estate, construction, building development, or glass manufacturing, S-COOL architectural business is very relevant to you.


OEM Business

If you are interested to OEM our products under your own branding, we can offer reliable products with professional consultation.




When you are an S-COOL country franchisee, you will be supported by the expertise of our S-COOL professional team. We will provide comprehensive training in sales & marketing by our regional sales director as well as technical training by our master installer. You will also enjoy the free service of our creative team who will assist you in designing a professional S-COOL outlet. You just need to provide us the dimensions. Along the way, our team will be at your assistance whenever you need support from us to make S-COOL a success in your country.

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