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Your vehicle is a big investment and deserves the best protection. Even a small crack or ding to the windshield can cost a great deal to repair or replace. With Stone-Plex windshield protection film, your car's windshield is protected against the unexpected at a fraction of the cost of replacement. 


We use the latest technology developed in the U.S.A. to create the clearest, smoothest and strongest protection film for windshields. Use Stone-Plex film to protect your valuable electronics too!


Stone-Plex is completely invisible and provides optimum clarity. It's affordable and comes with a one year hassle free warranty. It's designed to take whatever the road or the weather throws at it. 


Our customers love the protection and you will too.


Your car is like a buddy and your buddy deserves the protection of Stone-Plex. 


  • Clear & invisible windshield protection

  • Strong impact absorption 

  • Protection vehicle's interior from fading

  • Extra scratches resistance 

  • No bubble under warranty period 

  • Rain repellant 

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